IamHere - Downloads & Traffic

To drive user downloads & traffic using optimized campaigns that are in line with the brand’s image.

About the brand

IamHere is a hyperlocal social network to discover, connect and engage people near each other through mutual interests such as hobby, profession and preferences among other things. The interactive p2p platform brings together people, businesses and NGOs.

The goal is to create a network of users who find utilities of the app according to their own preferences. The dynamically customised platform allows ease of access & use.

User personas
  • Small Businesses
  • Recruiters
  • Tech-savvy & Socially inclined individuals
  • Artists
  • Professionals
  • Your Neighbours
  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  •  Foodies
Research finding

Our research revealed that most social media platforms are not primarily built to connect strangers. But IamHere, presents a safe system and upon that we decided to build our communication & outreach.

Our approach was to get a quick mass traction to increase awareness about the brand. The challenge here was to identify a fresh userbase and customise campaigns in unique manner.


With ad campaigns targeted to encourage more and more downloads, our messaging was driven by the core functionality and a sentimentally drawn messaging. After performing split tests with various campaign & communication designs, we narrowed down our effort to three. The focus of these were:

  • Sentiment to connect
  • Professional growth
  • Networking

As a result of our marketing efforts the app achieved 1,50,000 downloads within a quarter with a 90% active userbase. Since the launch we have helped standardise operations & feedback management for IamHere.


It was a learning experience for thesoarmedia in the sense that we learnt about user preferences while optimising campaigns. This experience has since helped us create efficient & effective campaigns for our app-based clients.

It continues to be a privilege to be working with an innovative product and a resourceful team.