To design a user-friendly app interface and leverage its utility to help spread awareness about saving water through a proprietary device.

About the brand

Agua Wireless Systems is an initiative that provides a highly intelligent Wireless Water Management Systems. These systems are affordable as well as efficient and comes in a compact easy to use Plug and Play design. Their efforts are focused on manufacturing and distributing a one-of-a-kind Smart Water Management System that allows effortless access to water tanks, motors & meters.

Buyer personas
  • Government bodies
  • Real estate play
  • Citizens
Research finding

Our research revealed that the paradigm of general consciousness among people in the country is shifting towards solutions that are ecologically beneficial. The younger population (almost 70% of the nation) prefer to be aware. However content consumption patterns are scattered, especially considering such a large demographic. So the app communication design had to be optimised to attract from a dense population.

Our approach was to accurately convey the message portrayed by the brand & its product through the app. The challenge here was to create a tasteful design that appealed to themasses in a unique manner.


The wireframe had to be detailed and yet the interface had to be clean. So we divided the projects into parts where we tried to eliminate the clutter one by one.

Finishing the project within a month was also a task, especially considering the criticality of the message. So we parallelly educated ourselves adequately about the product and the global sentiment associated with it.

After performing split tests with three designs among test groups, we narrowed down our effort to one within a week. The focus of the design was on:

  • Sentiment to connect
  • Environmentally objective
  • Education

As a result of our efforts, the app was launched within 45 days and the company could take its product to the market subsequently. Since the project, the company has used its app & product to reach 7 million households, help save an estimate of Millions of liters of water.


Working with Aqua was a truly enriching experience for us, as we contributed to an initiative that we believe in. As far as design & development is concerned, we certainly grew collectively and this experience has helped in the journey.