Savart - PR Growth

To make the user interface user-friendly and gain traction in the micro-investment market. In other words, helping democratize investment.

About the brand

Savart’s platform enables users to start and manage their micro-investment portfolio. Based on factors such as investment & risk appetite, income, and more, the platform provides the users with appropriate fund options and allows them to invest & secure their funds with just a few clicks.

Investor personas
  • Upper-middle income group
  • Middle-income group
  • Lower-middle income group
  • Daily office goer
  • Tech-literate
Research finding

Our research revealed that a large section of the target audience is crippled by factors such as accessibility to investment, complex banking & investment structures lack of time & motivation and lack of reasonably priced investment offerings.

So, the approach from the start was to help build an easy-to-navigate platform and educate users about it and its offerings.


The platform is built taking into account over 10,000 parameters to help understand user behavior. In addition, accessibility to a support system enabled high user retention.

After building a highly optimized platform, we focussed on a meticulous content marketing strategy that helped educate the audience about the platform, its offerings & success stories.

Savart’s blog has been instrumental in creating awareness & driving users to sign up and continue using the platform as a medium of investment.

What is the Most Important Thing in Your Life? | Sankarsh Chanda | CEO of Savart


As a result of our design, development & marketing efforts, and the efforts of a highly driven team of investment bankers & other in-house staff, the company now has an AUA of over INR 150,00,00,000.


The project continues to be a rewarding experience as we delve deeper into the market and explore new findings and strategies on a regular basis. The product continues to strengthen its position in the market in a steady manner.